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I am dr Ivan Ćuzović. Everything my PROSMILE team and me are doing we are doing it for out patients. We strongly believe that quality of services and feeling comfort are very important for the patient being treated. Because of that, first step we take when we meet you is talking with you, where we are explaining everything regarding the problems you have with the teeths. That way we are introducing you with our treatment methods and all aspects of that treatment. Our clinic offers wide range of services and we believe with confidence that we can match any of your dental challenges.

Our main goal is to see you with a complacent smile and cheerful face when you leave our clinic, and while still here feel absolutly secure – because you are in the hands of professionals.

CAD CAM 100%
Aesthetic dentistry 100%
Conservation 100%
Orthodontia 100%

Brand new teeth after a single visit!

Advantages of CAD/CAM dentistry

  • Absolutely painless
  • Protects gums
  • Use of special kinds of ceramics with characteristics of natural teeth
  • Superior quality
  • Flawless aesthetics
  • Longevity of restorations
  • Time-saving

Our dental clinic offers this services:

What we do?
Novi zubi u samo jednoj poseti? Moguće je!

Novi zubi u samo jednoj poseti? Moguće je!

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Novi zubi u samo jednoj poseti? Moguće je! Prosmile Facebook stranica

Gingivitis i paradontopatija

Gingivitis i paradontopatija

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Uzrok gingivitisa i paradontopatije jesu naslage na zubima, dentalni plak, čiji najznačajniji deo čine mikroorganizmi. Oni zajedno sa faktorima rizika kao...

Nepoželjne naslage

Nepoželjne naslage

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Površina zubne gleđi pokrivena je organskom naslagom koja se zove pelikula. Pelikula je prva stečena naslaga na zubima, tanka i...