Parodontopathy (Periodontitis)

Parodontopathy is a disease of the supporting teeth structures, i.e. the connection between the teeth root and the jaw bone. Initially, it is manifested by gums inflammation, followed by bone resorption (withdrawal), while in the final disease stages the teeth become loose and eventually fall out. The main reason for parodontopathy occurrence can be dental plaque and inadequately good oral hygiene.

The therapy is performed in four stages:


This stage implies the elimination of the inflamed periodontal tissues by removing the dental plaque (calculus) and other dental deposits (ultra sound removal of dental plaque, teeth polishing and airflow). The patients are undergoing training and motivated to maintain proper oral hygiene (tooth pastes, interdental brushes, dental floss).


Processing of periodontal pockets or, if the pockets are too deep, performing of flap surgery.

Flap surgery is the best way to resolve the problems related to the advanced stages of parodontopathy.

Flap surgery is performed in advanced stages of parodontopathy. It implies a surgical method performed under local anaesthesia, whereby the patient’s gums are being lifted in order to successfully remove the pathological changes. It is important to mention that there are no known post-surgery difficulties – the patients can continue being involved in all their daily activities. The stitches can be removed within 5 to 7 days.

In cases of emphasised bone resorption, and teeth loosening it is necessary to implant an artificial bone and membrane in order to compensate for bone deficiencies.


Establishing of favourable interjaw relations (Orthodontics/Mobile prosthodontics/Fixed prosthodontics). This stage is not needed by all the patients.


Maintaining the results that have been achieved, which implies regular check-ups every six months (ultrasound removal of dental plaque (calculus), teeth polishing and air flow).

It is important to mention that parodontopathy cannot be treated, but it is only possible to stop the disease from developing further.