Paediatric dentistry

Fluoride application (fissure sealing)

The fissure is a dent on the tooth surface used for chewing. The fissures are such a narrow space that cannot be reached by a brush fibre, but is open for food leftovers and bacteria making it a fertile and most common ground for tooth decay, especially among children.

The materials available for fissure sealing are diverse, although they are all based on a certain type of resin similar to tooth fillings. They attach firmly to tooth enamel making a successful bond for several years protecting the fissures from withholding bacteria thus reducing the risk of tooth decay occurrence by up to 80%.

Fluoride application is performed two to three times a year using a very simple and painless procedure that is very interesting for children. Highly concentrated fluoride in the gel form is applied in rubber spoons and later in a patient’s mouth. The procedure takes 5 minutes.