The orthodontia deals with diagnosing and treatment of incorrectly developed teeth and jaws for the purpose of achieving a healthy and beautiful smile as well as a strong bite resulting in a functional harmony between the jaw and properly aligned teeth.

The treatment with mobile braces (appliances) represents the first phase of therapy with children that are undergoing the process of growth and development, while the treatment with fixed braces is suitable for all age groups. The adults with similar diagnosis can also be subjected to orthodontic treatment.

The fixed braces treatment can help avoid the need for prosthetic procedures (ceramic crowns, implants), stabilise the bite in cases of a developed parodontopathy and reduce the jaw’s parafunction (ankle pain, bruxism).

A healthy and beautiful smile brings with self-respect, self-confidence and leaves you with an advantage in everyday contacts.

“PROSMILE” Dental Practice offers three types of fixed appliances:

  • Braces with self-ligating aesthetic brackets – check-ups every three months
  • Braces with aesthetic brackets – a perfect option for adult patients who have daily business contacts due to the fact that it provides the minimum visibility of the braces. In agreement with you we will select the braces providing you the best comfort in your everyday life.
  • Braces with classical metal brackets


After the first visit and the consultations with the patient our team of doctors (orthodontist, oral surgeon and your dentist of choice) begins in our dental practice with the case analysis and elaboration of the conceptual plan, which means that you will be determined a full orthodontic diagnosis and forecast of the further treatment process.

Lingual orthodontics

Lingual orthodontics (Incognito™ Hidden braces and Incognito Lite braces) refers to the straightening of incorrectly aligned teeth with the aid of fixed appliances i.e. the braces that are fitted behind the teeth.

It is truly the only completely invisible fixed method of orthodontic treatment hence the name lingual or “invisible braces” that are completely hidden from eyes of the observers.

The Incognito™ Hidden braces can be used to treat virtually any type of orthodontic problem, while the  Incognito Lite braces are designed specially to adjust only the so-called “social six” i.e. the front teeth visible when smiling.

The brackets are of gold and every bracket is ideally positioned on your teeth with the aid of the computerised 3D system. The computer design of your treatment minimizes the duration of the treatment itself and greatly increases the accuracy of your therapy.

The advantages and information related to the lingual fixed braces (appliances):

  • Equally efficient as the traditional fixed braces, but completely hidden
  • The treatment can sometimes take less time compared to the traditional fixed braces
  • Majority of people can wear lingual fixed braces
  • Keeping of oral hygiene during the treatment with lingual fixed braces is not much different compared to teeth brushing with standard braces

No matter what choice you make, no one will notice that you are wearing the braces -unless you tell them yourself! You will get a perfect smile in less time compared to classical procedures and completely invisible!