Fixed prosthodontics

Allceramic crowns

The allceramic crowns represent highly aesthetic dentures made completely out of ceramics that imitate natural teeth characteristics and permeate light just as natural teeth.

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Metal ceramic crowns

It is a great misconception that crowns damage the tooth and shorten its life span. On the contrary, a properly fabricated crown protects the tooth underneath it.

The metal ceramic crowns have represented a standard in dentistry for a number of years already, they are highly resistant, durable, and they easily achieve an excellent aesthetics.

It is the fact that allceramic crowns are being more widely used recently, but metal ceramic crowns still remain the crowns of choice due to both economic reasons and excellent aesthetics.

An adequately placed metal ceramic or allceramic crown will extend the life span of your tooth in cases when possibilities for treatment by fillings have been exhausted.