Have you noticed an alternation in the teeth colouration or yellow teeth? Poorly distributed, uneven or deformed teeth? Curved, cracked or broken teeth?

If you are dissatisfied with the way your teeth look and if your answer was “YES” to any of the previous questions, we can provide you with a solution in a form of conservational and aesthetic dentistry (stomatology). The Dental Practice PROSMILE is there to provide you with diverse painless, affordable and quick solutions to this problems.

The composite tooth fillings (white fillings)

The composite fillings represent aesthetic and functional fillings used to repair the front and side teeth.

The fillings setting procedure uses the latest generation matrices that provide your teeth with a natural look and prevent food from falling in-between the teeth.

In the selection and implanting of composite materials we have decided to use products made by Japanese and German manufacturers to ensure the fillings longevity and quality.

Root canal treatment (dental nerve removal)

Tooth interior is a home to a dental nerve that can suffer an illness due to deep caries or tooth injury.

In such cases the nerve is extracted and root canal is treated in order to preserve the tooth. Our motto is to try to preserve a sick tooth at any cost and avoid its extraction.

The root canal treatments are carried out at the PROSMILE Dental Practice using modern painless methods, in two or three visits.

We are using digital devices that determine the root canal length, broaden the root canal mechanically and make the entire procedure faster and more comfortable.

You can find out more on aesthetic solutions at Aesthetic dentistry (teeth bleaching (teeth whitening).