Aesthetic dentistry

Tooth bleaching

The tooth bleaching treatments make one of the most popular ways to provide you with a more attractive smile. But, how to make a choice with all of the products and services available on the market?

Our dental practice will help you make the right choice. Achieve professional, cost-effective results that preserve your tooth enamel.

Tooth bleaching is a process that brightens a tooth for several shades.

The process represents a chemical reaction of oxidation of the outer tooth surface by using the preparations on hydrogen and carbamide peroxide basis.

It is important to mention that it is necessary to clean the dental plaque (calculus) with an ultrasound device, as well as to polish and perform teeth airflow before any teeth bleaching process in order to remove any pigmentation and impurities from the teeth, and make the teeth flawlessly pure before the bleaching procedure.

You can find out more on the teeth airflow procedure in the PROSMILE Dental Practice by visiting the New KAVO PROPHYflex 3 – tooth airflow device.

White Smile tooth bleaching technique

The White Smile tooth bleaching technique used in our dental practice implies completely safe and painless procedure.

The system is based on application of hydrogen peroxide in a form of a gel, which is applied on the teeth and use of a UV lamp that does not warm up and damage the teeth but serves to accelerate the teeth bleaching process. The gel contains fluorine that is excellent for the teeth.

The current teeth colour of a patient is determined prior to commencing with the teeth bleaching procedure. The next step is to apply a special gel that protects the patient’s gums and the final step is to apply the gel on the teeth that need to be bleached.

After 45 minutes of teeth treatment with the UV lamp they become lighter by 2 to 4 colour shades depending on several individual factors.

A new teeth shade will last from 2 to 5 years depending again on numerous external factors (cigarettes, coffee, coloured drinks). However, we emphasise the fact that the achieved colour shade never returns into original state. The results are noticeable and long-lasting.