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Welcome to PROSMILE

Our private dental practice has been open since 1989, and since then it has been continuously developing and broadening the scope of its activities.

In 2013, the dental practice changed its name to PROSMILE, inheriting and continuing the 24 year old practice evidenced by more than 7,000 satisfied registered patients.


  • because you are the most important to us
  • because our relationship with the patients is personal and friendly
  • because we do our best to earn your confidence from the first moment you step into our dental practice
  • because our team is constantly specialising and improving professional knowledge both in the country and abroad
  • because we are using the most up-to date materials and co-operate with the best dental technicians
  • because we guarantee the quality of all our works
  • we respect your time - you will not have to wait and will be treated at the scheduled appointment time
  • we will return to you primarily a healthy and beautiful smile and help you to regain your self-confidence

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